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Manual reusable anchors

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Meets or Exceeds ANSI Z359. Service and software. It can be installed with either nails or screws, on either wood or metal substrates, and fits roof pitches ranging from 0/12 to 12/12, so it can be used on virtually any residential roof. Reusable The Miller Grip anchor can be removed and simply re-installed in a new location. Tags: 5000 lb Anchor Point, Anchor Point, Metal Roof Anchor, Permanent Anchor Point, Roof Anchors, Roofing, Standing Seam Roof Anchor, Temporary Anchor Point.

Features & Benefits: Designed for vertical or overhead/ceiling surface applications. USER INSTRUCTION MANUAL HINGED ROOF ANCHOR This manual is intended to meet industry standards including OSHA and should be used as part of an employee training program as required by OSHA. Manual Installation In some applications, Manta Ray anchors are driven into the soil with a 90 lb. Mechanical anchors. Data Sheet: Workman Reusable Roof Anchor ; Instruction Manual: Workman Reusable Roof Anchor.

After removal of the 4000 Reusable Roof Anchor, surface may require repairs. * The Temper Anchor is for temporary use on wood rooftops and is completely reusable, so you can use it on the next job and save money. Miller RA25-1/ Reusable Roof Anchor. with pitches from 0-12/12. The Guardian Fall Protection 5K Concrete Anchorage Connector is easy to install and designed for use in 12” thick cured concrete with a compression strength of at least 3000 p. 3013D Hinge-2 TM Roof Anchor - Dacromet 1 ea. Data Sheet: Permanent Roof Anchor; Instruction Manual: Permanent Roof Anchor.

6000 respiratory product pdf manual download. User Instruction Manual Protecta Reusable Concrete Anchor Model Number:User InstrUctIon ManUal Protecta reUsable concrete anchor This manual is intended to meet the Manufacturer’s Instructions as required by ANSI Z359. I even put the stronge anchors w/ the rebar in addition to these anchors, and it took flight in astrong, windy storm. Certification Miller temporary roof anchors meet all applicable OSHA, ANSI and CSA requirements Features & Benefits: RA15-1/ Reusable Roof Anchor w/ D-Ring. Anchor Type Fall arrest Bull ring Rope anchor Roof Anchor point Material Aluminum Zinc-plated steel Aluminum Steel Zinc-plated steel Breaking Strength (lbs. It is designed for residential and commercial construction applications and comes. For purposes of this manual, the anchors are designated as Type A, B, and C, and may be referred to as the anchor, the equipment, or the unit.

In use, the base is nailed to. Concrete wedge anchor for 3/4 in. View Part Numbers Available in permanent or reusable models, roof anchors provide an anchor point for personal fall arrest systems on roofs for maintenance work, repair, and new construction. It is designed to be screwed or nailed to the structural member of a suitable wood roof. Plug the hole with a SHCSso the top ot the head is flish with the floor surface.

Supplied with all necessary fasteners. ) 5,000 3,600 - 5,000 - Weight Capacity (lbs. static strength material 2 header: D-ring other items you may need: 7008B. Ensure safety with this Guardian Fall Protection Tempered Anchor Point. Anchor must be positioned to apply load in the long axis of the anchor bracket. The reusable design means that it can be used at multiple jobsites. Reusable Concrete Anchor 1″ Hole 10,000 lbs. Set the unit with a slight tug on the anchor loop.

Mechanical anchor portfolio 18 Base materials selector 19 Special conditions selector 20 Performance selector 21 Stud anchor setting system reusable manual anchors 22 Setting tools for mechanical anchors 23 High performance solutions 25 Everyday solutions 26 Economical solutions 27 Anchor testers 28 Product comparison table 29. Screw anchor Frame screw anchor HUS-S, Coil anchor HCA, Coil HCT PageOther Metal Anchors Sleeve anchor HLC-H, HLC, HLC-A, HLC-EC, HLC-EO, HLC-T, HLC-SK PageMetal frame anchor HT, Cavity anchor HHD-S, (hex head bolt) HHD-S, Setting tool HHD PageWedge anchor DBZ, Aerated concrete anchor HPD Page 304. Easy Installation With Provided Fasteners * Guardian&39;s Temper roof anchor is easy to install with screws or duplex nails, which are provided. 0 SELECTION AND APPLICATIONS.

FS870 Reusable Roof Anchors are designed to be used as part of a personal fall arrest system, to help limit the fall arrest forces in the event of a fall. Our roof anchors fit all roof pitches from flat to 12/12 and their thick-plated steel construction means longer lasting product life. Our anchorage connectors are built from top quality materials guaranteeing high strength and durability to stand up to the toughest environments. Pneumatic or hydraulic breakers are acceptable, but a 90 lb. access, or rescue system for the purpose of coupling the system to the anchorage.

The Guardian Fall Protection Temper Anchor is designed for use on wood, steel, and concrete substrates. Concrete is not a goot stressed mechanical interface. It can be used in any direction as a fall protection anchor and is reusable with its easy to insert and remove design. Form:Rev: A B A G C H I E. My first greenhouse of this model took flight 2 1/2 years ago, after two seasons. 99 The Malta Dynamics Reusable Roof Anchor is a reusable anchorage connector designed for reusable manual anchors temporary use on wood rooftops. It can fit all roof pitches from flat to sheer, is composed of thick plated steel for longer lasting product life, and is ideal for Fall Arrest and Restraint applications.

2100 Flex Anchor An industry standard roof top anchor designed to conform easily to. reusable manual anchors The anchor can be screwed or nailed on. Squeeze fingers and thumb together till the trigger and spring fully compress. Permanent Roof Anchor. 3M Fall Protection equipment has earned the confidence of companies and workers across the country by offering a broad line of fall protection products and systems.

Where to Buy Ask a Question. Use the tapped hole variety if you wish removal. 11 gauge Dacromet steel anchor Fasteners and instruction manual Temporary reusable anchor point MAX Kit replacement part Additional fastener options available Pkg, Wt. English/Spanish manual 38 Anchors • Temporary & Reusable No. The SafeWaze Reusable Roof Ring Anchor is a reusable compact roof anchor with an attachment ring that can be side loaded and fastened with nails or threaded fasteners. Guardian G-Bolt Concrete Anchor - 5,000 lbs. When placing anchor, place your thumb inside the anchor loop and your first two fingers around the trigger. weight class breaker is necessary.

See full list on shelterlogic. This multifunctional anchor may be used on vertical and overhead surfaces, and with horizontal lifelines. Versatile Miller temporary roof anchors offer solutions for restraint, positioning, fall arrest and lifeline applications as well as attachment options for virtually every roof style and type. 6000 Series Half and Full Facepiece Respirators Reusable. pavement breaker and coupled drive steel. 11 gauge red powder coated Stainless Steel anchor Detent pin and instruction manual Rated for fall arrest Temporary reusable anchor for open framing Fits 2x4, 2x6, 2x8 top chords Pkg, Wt. Anchor Spec Sheet. Fits Up to a 12/12 Roof Pitch.

· Anchors with tapped holes are available in many form factors and varieties. Javascript must be enabled to properly view and navigate this site. 1 and should be used as part of an employee training program as required by OSHA. View and Download 3M 6000 user manual online.

Product Overview Werner Reusable Concrete Anchor is a lightweight, easy to use bolt providing convenient anchorage in concrete. 3/4” reusable bolt anchor 5,000-lbf / 22kn (2 pages) Summary of Contents for Guardian Temper Anchor Series Page 1 Product Name: Temper Anchor Part : 00455; 00458 Instruction Manual Do not throw away these instructions! Product Downloads: Anchor Manual. Lightweight design easy to insert and remove. 1062 2x4 Evac TM Anchor For use on 2x4 top chords.

■Rigid Lifelines Reusable Roof Anchors RL-01(A) are designed for a single user (including clothing, tools, etc. Rated 2 out of 5 by Happy Gardener 51 from Nt Strong enough anchors to hold this in place. Insert unit reusable manual anchors at least 3” (76mm) deep into hole and release the trigger. This fall protection roof anchor is a reusable anchor with hinged steel design for use on wood and metal decking. Features 10" x 3" anchoring plates with 2-1/4" connecting D-ring Hinged design conforms to flat or sloped surfaces up to 12/12 pitch. Mandatory Safety A safe anchor point is established when the Miller Grip anchor is inserted into a properly-sized, cured concrete hole.

Includes 2-1/2" sheet metal screws for steel deck and metal roof installation For temporary reusable installation on steel structures. 4000 Reusable Roof Anchors must be installed with a minimum of 10 8x¾" long sheet metal screws per side, in the outer rows, on raised ribs of roof panel. The RA25-1/ is intended for use on wood framed structures. I think removing the whole anchor every time is impractical. DESCRIPTION The Hinged Roof Anchor (Figure 1) consists of a forged D-ring attached to steel base. If the pipeline is a scheduled pipeline, the second rule matches, and the job is added to the scheduled pipeline.

when: manual (manual job) allow_failure: true (the pipeline continues running even if the manual job is not run) If the pipeline is not for a merge request, the first rule doesn’t match, and the second rule is evaluated. Metal Roof Swivel Anchor 390RSA-01 quantity Add to cart SKU: 390RSA-01_395 Categories: Anchor Points - Commercial, Anchor Points - Steel, Made in the U. Hinged Reusable Roof Anchor category tier 2: Roofing descriptor 1: Field and ridge installation family group: Roofing Anchorage gp status: Sales Inventory material 1 detail: Plated alloy steel material 1 header: Plates material 2 detail: Plated alloy steel; 5,000 lb min. complete with twelve/2 in.

Workman Reusable Roof Anchor may be mounted to any roof pitch up to 12/12 and also flat. This reusable roof anchor is made of galvanized steel and is for use on wood or metal roofs. Anchors • Temporary & Reusable No. (19mm) hole with swiveling D-ring.

The RA25-1/ temporary foldable roof anchor is used as part of a personal fall arrest system. The Malta Dynamics Reusable Roof Anchor is a reusable anchorage connector designed for temporary use on wood rooftops. 1014 Movable ARS 2x8 Anchor 1 ea. Any references to “anchorage connector” in this manual include, Reusable Bolt Anchor 10,000-lbf / 44kN Model: RAF100N Assembled in USA Pat US 7,357,363 B2 / US 7,011,281 B2 / US 6,729,821 B2 V3.

Workman Reusable Roof Anchor. The FallTech® roof anchors covered in this manual are designed to provide an easily mounted anchorage for persons working at height on wood structures and subject to fall hazards. ) with a capacity up to 310 pounds (140 kilograms).

Reusable manual anchors

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